"And I thought Joe Pass had chops.  I still remember hearing Pass's Virtuoso album for the first time, wondering how one guy with two hands could play so many parts at once. Now, along comes King, transforming his lone guitar into an even fuller ensemble capable of playing more complicated arrangements…He has no apparent peers..."   - Dirk Sutro, former jazz critic for the Los Angeles Times; author of Jazz for Dummies; and host of  "The Lounge" on KPBS-FM San Diego.
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"It is amazing, the things he plays on the guitar!  Steven has demonstrated a mastery of the individual approach to guitar playing.  The guitar/bass voicings he uses are unique and entertaining. Steven King is a very musical guitar player and a joy to listen to."   
- Al
Hendrickson,  master Hollywood session guitarist, the most recorded guitarist in the world from 1947-1980.  Al played the famous guitar introduction on the MASH television series.
"It’s hard to top Steven King... He knocked us silly with solo acoustic renditions of the Benny Goodman staple 'Sing, Sing, Sing' and Dave Brubeck's odd-meter workout 'Blue Rondo A La Turk'. - Guitar Player Magazine 
"Steven King is the only other solo guitarist that knows more songs than I who can perform them fully arranged on the fly with precise execution.  If we ever got on stage together we would NOT be stumped!"  
- Edgar Cruz, nationally acclaimed fingerstyle guitarist, competed in the 1994 World Fingerstyle Championship with Steven, at Winfield
"Steven King has taken the acoustic guitar to places many guitar players never even thought of. From Jazz to Pop songs new and old, Steven lays out personal renditions with an elegance and flair that is totally 'Steven King' . And the latter part is the best compliment I could give any player. I'm also glad to be called his friend."
-Doyle Dykes, world-acclaimed guitar virtuoso
"I've never heard anyone play bass lines, chords and melodies simultaneously, with such precision, as Steven King.  Being the guitarist for the Manhattan Transfer, I'm particularly fond of his MT and other similar jazz repertoire.  He's got it all covered..."
-Wayne Johnson, guitarist for the Manhattan Transfer
"...I wrote 33 articles for ‘Guitar Player.’ I have more than 8,800 jazz guitar recordings and nearly 2000 jazz guitar videos...I feel qualified in saying Steven King is the greatest solo guitarist I’ve ever seen or heard!!"...  -Robert Yelin, music professor and Guitar Player Magazine columnist 
Steven King   -   guitarist and band leader

International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship:  1st place (Winfield '94)
"...If you want to literally hear John and Paul's voices in the guitar strings and again, exquisitely well-played guitar music, ...Steven King..." .-published article "Four Fabulous guitarists play the FAB FOUR!"  By James R. Webb [reviewing King's "Beatle-ing" CD series]
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Acoustic Swing CD only available from  Acoustic Music Records in Germany