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SONG ARRANGEMENTS  (original and public domain):

A Walk In the Park
(King original from "Somewhere With You" CD - happy shuffle feel)
Air On a G String
(J.S. Bach)
Angels We Have Heard On High
(beautifully arranged holiday standard)
(J.S. Bach)
Bach's Prelude No.1 from The Well Tempered Clavier
-King's solo arr, -treble clef only, but has fingerings on the tricky passages
Brandenburg Concerto-3rd Mvmt.
(one of the most requested compositions by J.S. Bach)
Carol of the Bells
(a haunting beautiful solo guitar treatment of this most loved classic)
Clarinet Polka 
(builds your strength & facility in both hands -play it daily and see major growth)
Cow Cow Boogie
Donkey Serenade
(an old & great tune that moves well and sounds fun and  familiar)
Evening In Seattle
(King original from "Soft-Flowing Waters" CD - bossa nova)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 
(dig the chromatic descending bass line in this arrangement)
I Wonder As I Wander
(This arrangement will bring sophistication to your Christmas gigulation)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
(J.S. Bach)
Jesusita En Chiwawa (aka The Cactus Polka)
Journey To Love
(King original from "Somewhere With You"  and "Journey To Love" CDs - bossa nova and samba)
La Mer
La Paloma
Life Centered On You
(King original from "Somewhere With You"  and "Journey To Love" CDs -baroque and jazz swing)
Little Drummer Boy
(hey, if you need to play it, learn it this way...)
Looks Like Another Rainy Day
(King original from "Soft-Flowing Waters" CD, "destined to be a standard"-W&S)
Malaguena Salerosa
(accessible solo guitar version based on the Tex-Mex band Chingon's exciting treatment of this song)
Manhattan Monday
(King original from "Soft-Flowing Waters" CD - very fast moving shuffle-rock and swing feel)
Maple Leaf Rag
(Scott Joplin ragtime classic, with Kingster flare in this arrangement)
Medley from Lt. Kije Suite
(these happy melodies have been used in movie sound tracks and covered by recording artists from the 60s)
Midnight In Moscow 
(Compelling 2-beat tune, arranged a la Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass)
My Life Is Like A River
(King original ballad from "Soft-Flowing Waters" CD)
O Holy Night
(If you do any Christmas gigs, you need this arrangement at your fingertips)
On The Way To Love
(King original from "Somewhere With You" CD - beautiful 4/4 ballad)
The Poor People of Paris
Prelude No. 1 
(J.S. Bach)
Scarborough Fair
(an amazing solo arrangement of this timeless gem)
Soft-Flowing Waters
(King original -title song from "Soft-Flowing Waters" CD)
Swedish Rhapsody
(King's solo guitar arrangement of this wondrous and happy work)
That's A Plenty 
(Dixieland classic as a solo guitar piece - never before accomplished)
Tico Tico
(King's arrangement for solo guitar, most challenging samba, by Brazilian composer Josť Gomes da Abreu 1880-1935)
The Wassail Song
(a great treatment really spices this up for holiday repertoire)
Wachet Auf
(aka Sleepers Awake  by J. S. Bach)
Waitin' For The Robert E. Lee 
(Really moves, recognized by all audiences)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
(try it like this, with inner strings on counterpoint melody lines)
Yoop Dop Dee (King original from "Somewhere With You" CD - samba and mambo feel)

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Guitar Arrangements by Steven King
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"...I've got to tell you Mr. King, your arrangments are quite challenging and the handful that I have managed ( I don't DARE say "mastered") have really improved my playing as well as given me new insights into ways to approach my own arrangements.  They are, simply put, the best arrangements and most complete realizations of the songs they represent that I have ever seen in more than 20 years of playing.  Each one is a tutorial in and of itself on guitar playing--one of the reasons I work through them so slowly I suppose.  Anyway, the care and effort you've put into your arrangments is obvious and much appreciated..."   email from guitarist in Kansas City, MO
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"Hi Steven   I just want to let you know that I received the
arrangement of "That's a Plenty" yesterday and can't
stop playing it. I can't say that I had alot of familiarity with the tune before, but the arrangement is wonderful. I wish I knew how you do it. All of your arrangements are gems...they are just so logical, it's amazing. Ususally, when read through arrangements for guitar, they just don't work- they seem to be cluttered with too many notes and the voicings don't really work and sound well on the guitar. when I see and play yours, everything looks so clean and makes
perfect sense... I have noticed that since I have been playing your arrangements and interpretations now for 4 years or so, I tend to automatically employ alot of your style into my arragnements, albeit not as creative and imaginative." 
Steve (professional guitarist in Salem, NH)
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