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Steven King  - USA National Finger style Guitar Champion - www.kingofguitar.com
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Your choice of DVD or VHS tapes. ( The VHS  are formatted for North America NTSC standard, not PAL.  The DVDs work all around the world).
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King's Complete Fingerstyle Method (2nd edition) 
VHS  or DVD Video     108 minutes. The most useful techniques for solo jazz and popular guitar, right and left hand instruction for simultaneous chords, melody, rhythms and bass lines.  King guides you though melody triplets against 4/4 walking bass lines ("nothing to it!"), single note improvisation, bossa nova, samba, swing, 2-beat, be-bop; cascading harmonics and more.  INSTRUCTION LEVEL: Upper Intermediate to advanced. (Taped with live audience, this video will give you many tools that refine your playing professionally and artistically)

King's Advanced Fingerstyle Techniques      
VHS or DVD Video   114 minutes.  Advanced instruction for achieving concurrent walking bass lines with chord, melody and rhythms; Right Hand syncopated comping and vamping; counterpoint and counter melodies; chromatic counter riffs; rock; shuffle; be bop; hand and riff excercises; tritone arpeggiation; cascading harmonics slow and up close; approaching arranging songs for solo guitar; Includes quick review of beginning and intermediate method. INSTRUCTION LEVEL: Advanced.   (Taped with live audience, and builds upon the refinements offerred in the previous video, "King's Complete Fingerstyle Method", adding more advanced skills to master to really shine as a pro player))
Instructional DVDs  - lecture and demonstrations, no tab     $20 each   free USA shipping

Original Fling and Swing DVD and TAB BOOK  

Two songs from the CD "Original Fling" plus 3 other King original songs, (5 total songs): Real Friends Real Love, Remember the TJB, Snow, Scuttlebutt, and Unresolved.
Includes a DVD with performances of each song, and the complete tab book. King's original guitar songs are composed to include powerful riffs and motifs that, once under your fingers, assist you in playing and interpreting a wide variety of standards in your repertoire.

Instructional DVDs with Tab Book  $30 each  free USA shipping
Somewhere With You  DVD and Tab Book     
"Somewhere With You offers an enchanting discovery of the originality that lurks beneath the crowd-pleasing surface of one of the planet's best fingerstyle interpreters" -Wood & Steel magazine
Five original King guitar arrangements (tab and treble clef) from the CD.  Includes a DVD with performances of each song, and the complete tab book.    Songs: Journey to Love,  A Walk In the Park,  Yoop Dop Dee,  On the Way To Love,  and Life Centered On You.  
Soft-Flowing Waters  DVD and Tab Book      
from Soft-Flowing Waters CD review  "…Indeed, there is much here to appease King fans who are drawn to his impossible-sounding bass-melody-harmony legerdemain… the [bass figures] and lyrical treble phrases in contrary motion; the masterful juxtapositions of chordal movement and rhythmic accents; the cool transitional voicings and multiple passing tones…"
-Wood & Steel magazine 
Five original King guitar arrangements (tab and treble clef) from the CD.  Includes a DVD with performances of  each song, and the complete tab book.   Songs:  Soft-Flowing Waters,  Manhattan Monday,  Looks Like Another Rainy Day,  Evening In Seattle,  and  My Life Is Like A River.
Consider enrolling in the new INTERACTIVE "Steven King's Fingerstyle Guitar College Online" - now all Steven's lessons and arrangements can be played and viewed on your computer, or printed out to your specifications! And it's the only legal way to obtain hundreds of Steven's solo guitar song arrangements at only a $1 per title access and delivery fee.  And these arrangements are not just "lesson quality", they are professional, each one, just as Steven has recorded on his solo guitar CDs.  Get all the details...
Innovative Solo Guitar Mastery (DVD -95 minutes) Filmed in split screen to see both hands simultaneously.  This intermediate level instruction video takes the guitar newbie to higher plateaus. Manipulation of bar chords to produce simultaneous melody, chords and bass lines; and examples various society song styles and how to play them.

LEVEL: Intermediate